Adept Group’s Purpose

Adept Group’s business purpose is to provide expert support for client talent searches and career professionals in their career management and position searches. We therefore collect the necessary information required to best complete our business purpose and to best support our candidates and clients. This information includes private information such as contact information, addresses, career history, company information, resumes, and statistics regarding career achievements and results.

Our Commitment to You

Adept Group will never release your personal information to any third party without your explicit permission to do so. The candidate information that we do provide to our clients is purely related to career history, career achievements and other relevant information necessary to present a successful application for a position. From time to time, in order to best represent your profile and marketability, we may make aesthetic improvements to resumes or related documents, but at no time will we alter or intentionally misrepresent your personal information.

Adept Group’s Internal Commitment

Adept Group fully commits to strict observation of and compliance with the guidelines of the Japanese privacy laws and Data Protection Act. Adept Group is a fully licensed agency by the Japanese Ministry of Labor (License Number 13-?-300936). We regularly attend the required seminars and certification programs to assure that we remain complaint with current laws and protection of information. We utilize the best technology for the protection of data, and are continually reviewing our process and procedures to assure that our protection is adequate and up-to-date.
If at any time you would like Adept Group to delete your profile or data, please notify us in writing and we will comply with your wishes.