Our driving passion to support emerging technology companies coupled with our experience in creating outstanding talent teams and our in-depth comprehension of the market make a retained search relationship with us an excellent tool for building success.

The full-service experience we offer for our contingency search is designed not only to produce excellent end results, but to also inspire the level of trust and confidence that are musts for clients entering into a retained search relationship. At Adept, we understand that a retained relationship must be built on a deep comprehension of your individual and evolving needs as a company and a consistent history of accurate execution in meeting your executive talent needs.

In a retained environment, consolidation of the search process under the direction of your Adept Consultant saves time and maximizes efficiency. Within the parameters of the relationship – which include exclusivity and search solution pre-payment options -Adept can dedicate additional resources to handling time-consuming elements of the process such as full resume screening and first-round interview applications.

With our contingency search services, we fully commit to matching you with an exceptional candidate. In a retained search relationship we maintain that deep commitment and dedication, and take it a step further – we focus on partnering with you as you evolve, building an unparalleled team of stellar talent over time designed to maximize your success.